RE: [-empyre-] on electronic poetry

but that doesn't reply to your question. of course one doesn't have 'the answer'. works that
involve some random aspect, well, consider the notion of a 'combinatorium'. a combinatorium
consists of all the possible points you can navigate to and all the possible ways you can get to
all the possible points. that is, in a sense, the 'space' of the piece. if the space is
sufficiently large, it is almost certain that the author will not have travelled all the routes.
but we are encouraged to get a sense of the space, the combinatorium, to feel out that space and
its drift. not by travelling every route (usually), but in a manner similar to how we discover
other types of spaces, like a landscape in a hike.

I was also meaning that we bring a certain unexpected randomness to the experience through our own 'history'.
eg. a minimal haiku that brings to mind 'cold rain' will also bring to mind a vision, sound, smell and feeling for me.

Personally I feel poetry should be like a well guided synesthesic experience...

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