[-empyre-] Mutated, Migrated, Decayed

Thanks to all who have contributed to the fabulously divergent discussion about preservation and in particular to the Media, Mutation, Migration, Decay teamsters Damien Frost, Paul Koerbin, Tom Nicholson, Tim Plaisted and David Wadelton.

It seems that impulses to preserve, to leave traces and to restore are alive and well amongst artists, curators and archivists (at least the ones in this discussion). These impulses are manifest in a huge range of institutional, personal and art practice, a selection of which have been illuminated in these exchanges.

Like the media technologies and platforms used for delivering the works we value, the debates about what and how to preserve go through their own 'stages of currency'. 

With the proliferation of media forms, it seems that Device Independence and Emulation will play an increasingly important role in the consideration of technological obsolescence. 

Admiration and respect to those on the list, and those doing the good work, for continuing to introduce new concepts and vocabulary to a debate that I hope will keep raging forever and always.

Clare S

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