[-empyre-] thankyou and farewell 2004

Sadly that brings us to the end of 2004/online at -empyre-, the list
discussion segment of the 2004: Australian Culture Now exhibition. 2004 is
showing  till September 12 at the Australian Center for the Moving Image and
the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, and nationally on SBS

Thankyou to the wonderful extremely knowledgeable guest facilitators this
month: Clare Stewart, Alexie Glass and Helen Stuckey; and to our stellar
guests who over the month of online forums posted enthusiastically,
thoughtfully and provocatively:
boat-people.org, Sue Dodd, Sam de Silva,  Escape from Woomera Project team,
Nat and Ali, Adam Nash, Chris Caines, Zina Kaye, qnoors, Anita
Johnson,  Troy Innocent, Rebecca Cannon, Melanie Swalwell, Damien Frost, Tom
Nicholson, David Wadelton,  Tim Plaisted,  Margaret Phillips and Paul

This, like every months discussion is archived at -empyre-
http://www.subtle.net/empyre or the direct link at

You can follow up 2004: Australian Culture Now online at
http://www.acmi.net.au/2004/ where the are links, bios and art work
documentation  of all 120 artists in the show, covering diverse  practices
from ceramics, performance, jewellery, painting, video, sculpture, fashion,
installation and film.

You can also visit networked: http://www.acmi.net.au/2004/networked - the
online segment of the show containing works  from 23 artists, project teams
and collectives. networked is a  multi-locational survey show available both
online and in the ACMI screen gallery Site Lounge. Some works additionally
manifests in large scale gallery projection and installation, some on
monitor or plasma screens in the Mezzanine gallery, some in artefacts from
online tactical media practice, some in live multi-user avatar performance,
in net streaming forms and in endurance inhabitation installation on the
ACMI ground floor.  Some works are outside conventional art spaces - on
mobile phone and PDA screens in the lane ways around the lower CBD, on the
Public Imaging screens around the ACMI building, on the massive Federation
Square Big Screen.

Please continue to enjoy the show..

Melinda Rackham
2004/networked curator

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