[-empyre-] -empyre- welcomes Kipper from Escape from Woomera

Representing the group at Escape from Woomera, -empyre- is pleased to
welcome back Kipper, Creative Director for the EFW project.

Escape from Woomera [ http://www.escapefromwoomera.com/ ] is a FPS 3-d
adventure game that runs on top of the Half-life architecture [
http://games.sierra.com/games/half-life ].  Gamers experience the world of a
modern-day refugee in the Australian immigration detention center system.
Players attempt to escape from four different detention centers

The game description from the EFW website:

With a first person, 3D adventure game we invite gamers to assume the
character of, and 'live' through the experiences of a modern day refugee.
The effective media lock-out from immigration detention centres has meant
that the whole truth about what goes on behind the razor-wire at Woomera,
Baxter, Port Hedland, Maribyrnong and Villawood remains largely a mystery to
the Australian public. We want to challenge this by offering the world a
glimpse - more than that even: an interactive, immersive experience - of
life within the most secretive and controversial places on the Australian
political and geographical landscape. In this way, Escape From Woomera will
be an engine for mobilising experiences and situations otherwise
inaccessible to an nation of disempowered onlookers. It will provide both a
portal and a toolkit for reworking and engaging with what is otherwise an
entirely mediated current affair.

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