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Hi, I am a new member of Empyre and want only to make a short presentation of me and my work. I am a writer, an anthropologist and a critic, working in the fields of Literature, Art and Activism. I has been an activist for many years, spent four years in prison in Uruguay, during the dictatorship, in the 70:s.
I live in Sweden since many years and write mainly in Spanish and Swedish. Together with an visual artist, Cecilia Parsberg, we started a network called Equator. We arranged seminars, workshops, gave lectures and traveled to Palestine several times. You can see the results of our joint work at the links below my posts.
We work with new media and old media, we produce films, books and magazines. I am working in the making of an alternative computergame, based on women in the Islam. The worktitle is "what happens behind the veil".

Skarpnäcks Allé 45
128 33 Skarpnäck
Phone: +468-943288
Cell: +46703213370


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