[-empyre-] Peace Research Institute in the Middle East

I am enjoying the discussion very much.

I'm hoping that some will find http://www.vispo.com/PRIME useful. This is
the Peace Research Institute in the Middle East run by Sami Adwan, a
Palestinian, and Dan Bar-On, an Israeli. They characterize what they do as
peace building. The PRIME site talks about some very cool projects they've
done, and projects they've planned. Like create text books for Palestinian
and Israeli school kids that tell something of the story of the other; and
collecting oral histories from both older Palestinians and Israelis;
"Israelis and Palestinians tend to be unaware of many aspects of their joint
history and of the suffering of the other. The testimonies and encounters,
which will be recorded and computerized, thus making them available for
children, educators, researchers and the public at large, will make it
possible to use this knowledge toward peace-building ends."

I helped put this site up for Sami and Dan and their important PRIME work
about a year and a half ago now. But I haven't had any word from them for a
long time. I'm not even sure what they are doing now. But there it is.


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