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When I say "we" I mean we who are viewers and users of games, books, songs, films. I am a creator (11 books, short fiction, essays, a novel, translations, poetry) but I am also a user, I see movies, play games, read books. It takes a lot of effort to be "free" and critical all the time, I am conscient of the dualism.
Are you familiar with Julian Dibell, who wrote about the cyber rape in a Californian MUD? I think the structure of the MUD:s were able to provide narrative frameworks, but at the long run it was difficult to choose between hundrets of erratics and nomadic users, who visited the MUD sporadically and the "hard core" who wanted to provide a kind of "alternative cosmogony".
Some developer team is working now with "A tale of the desert" and it is a very innovative and challenging game platform, using the Old Egypt as source of knowledge.

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Very interesting approach, Jeff! I am familiar with several books and research around narrative and new media

Turkle's work about identity-formation in virtual spaces seems to me particularly germane to this discussion

I think the problem is we are still inmerse in the linear narrative of the former century

by "we" do you mean participants or space-constructors or both?

virtual spaces seem to me to be
particularly suited for expressing non-linear narrative
[a panel I was on talked about this a few years ago at a "Society for Literature and Science" meeting]
but I'm not sure if that is really the issue here

I notice that many of the popular virtual spaces
do not have a pre-imposed linear narrative
but *are* very goal-directed
and I find myself wondering if
this is a key element in making participants comfortable


I think that the "open narrative" is still a scary challenge for many people, its easier to be a consumer than to be a creator and need to deal with the anguish and the fears and deceptions all creation implicate.

my experience leads me to agree and yet I want to find a way out of that bind [as a "content creator"]...

suggestions from anyone?


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