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I think the problem is we
are still inmerse in the linear narrative of the former century
When I say "we" I mean we who are viewers and users of games, books,
songs, films.

thanks I was misunderstandling

I am a creator (11 books, short fiction, essays, a novel,
translations, poetry) but I am also a user, I see movies, play games,
read books. It takes a lot of effort to be "free" and critical all the
time, I am conscient of the dualism.

it is a tough one...

I was talking about this with a grad student I am working with here
[Dave Huffman]
who is working on a set of browser plugins for the xVRML Project
[ see for details ]

I find myself wondering if having some sorts of goals
might be enough to engage people in something
without a pre-structured narrative...
not end-goals
but rather along-the-way goals

goals provide *some* narrative structure
whether that is the intention or not
but as a content creator
I am struggling to figure out how to engage people
while minimizing the pre-set narrative...

Are you familiar with Julian Dibell, who wrote about the cyber rape in a
Californian MUD?

yes from the "Flame Wars" book... an interesting piece of writing and an interesting situation

I think the structure of the MUD:s were able to provide
narrative frameworks, but at the long run it was difficult to choose
between hundrets of erratics and nomadic users, who visited the MUD
sporadically and the "hard core" who wanted to provide a kind of
"alternative cosmogony".

I agree

Some developer team is working now with "A tale of the desert" and it is
a very innovative and challenging game platform, using the Old Egypt as
source of knowledge.

so the structure of the "universe" is preset and the narrative is user-constructed within those perimeters?

I just wanted to pose these questions to the list
of how to avoid or find a balance with pre-structured narrative
while still engaging a wide range of people

much food for thought


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