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Pre-structured narratives allow the viewer to give himself/herself up to the game - it's why for example one might read a novel rather than read hypertext. I think there's a maternal drive at work somewhere there - re: Kristeva perhaps. Giving oneself up is getting saved by the author/ity of the other; it's not masochism at work, but the mind channeling narrativity. In addition, narratives are at the foundation of thought itself - one can see this in everything from Wittgenstein's Tractatus to the work done on 'Scripts, Goals, and Understanding' (I think Schank and Abelson but am not sure). There is also suspense related to the wager and the lure at work - just as in a detective novel, which focuses on this element (creating a seduction for that matter). All of these things are in play - which is why mystery fiction, romance novels, and the news, continue to be read, in fact more than ever before - and why the postmodern novel has a much more limited audience -

- Alan
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