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When I was in Palestine nobody except the boys played computer games. Very few had computers at home, the boys played at gamemalls, the girl were not allowed to do that. The boys played Counterstrike and Unreal. To see what kind of games they own or copy or borrow I can recommend Earthstation, a peer to peer download service managed from Jenin camp. Its an amazin performance put together by some Palestinian, Israel and Americans.
There you can download games, movies and songs who are most played in the region, a lot its american.

josephine starrs wrote:

Hi, Ana, Welcome to empyre.

It is a very interesting bio indeed, I wish to know more about you new
project "what happens behind the veil" maybe I can help you on it since
I live in middle-east + I am a game developer.



hi anna
i would also be interested to know more about your game 'what happens behind the viel"

and I would like to ask radwan and anna whether you have any knowledge about whether young muslim women play computer games and what games they play.?

for instance radwan, is 'under ash' popular with middle-eastern girls?


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