[-empyre-] (Image)ining Resistance

a call for papers which is relevant to this months topic of politicised
computer games..

Editors: Keri Cronin and Kirsty Robertson
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario

We are seeking contributions for a collection of essays tentatively titled
(Image)ining Resistance. Our aim is to encourage interdisciplinary
and critical examinations that address the use of visual imagery in social
activist movements throughout history. From banners embroidered for
actions, to the impact of photographs taken in Soweto in 1976, to political
puppets created for recent global justice demonstrations, the intersections
between visual culture and activism relate a rich history with transnational
and transideological import. Interdisciplinary approaches are encouraged, as
are essays addressing a wide range of historical periods, geographic regions
and protest actions.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

- the image as a tool of persuasion
- the image as a site of resistance
- "activist" art
- anarchist art
- media coverage of protests and demonstrations
- protest as performance
- culture jamming
- historical analyses of art and protest
- activist art works/projects

Please submit a 500 word abstract and one page c.v., including name and
address to both Keri Cronin 9jklc@qlink.queensu.ca and Kirsty Robertson
9kmr@qlink.queensu.ca by August 1, 2004.

Though we prefer email submissions, snail mail submissions can be sent to:

(Image)ining Resistance
c/o Keri Cronin and Kirsty Robertson
Department of Art
Ontario Hall
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 3N6

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