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I think in the same way than Flaubert, writing Madame Bovary, was
experiencing how it was to feel as a woman, we today have an urge to
challenge the heteronormative and try to open new doors and see
ourselves as "if" we were others. The experience of otherness does'nt
need only to be ve concerned with the other sex, it can be the other
race or the other class or the feeling to be an alien.
I think about Gunter Wallraff time working and acting as a Turk
guestworker in Germany, it was a true committment to be "an other", but
not only to mimicry the others attributs or physionomy but to be a real
I know a lot of girls who play Quake, one of the most populars shot ups
some years ago. They developed their own skins and changed the code and
made their own communities or clans.
I met one of them briefly, I was lecturing here at the University and
one of the students, a bright young female, was the Swedish champion at
Quake and participated in international championships.

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