Re: [-empyre-] Politics, Reality,Violance and a video game

Hello All,

Ive been following the post lately and would like to put out there the
thought of "Spiritual Gaming" Genre.  For those whom walk a path of deeper
sense of being and whom are familar with Herman Hesse Glass Bead Game and
also the movie "The Game" with Micheal Douglas. Is it possible that we are
in a game right now? Playing out our parts. What does spiritual gaming
mean to us and what will it mean in the future. Im working with a techno
shaman whom uses gaming as a work method of seeing yourself and your
hangups and personality you have carried around. My inquiry into the group
is to examine a shift in reality and what spiritual gaming means or what
you think it might mean. I would love to hear some feedback on such.

  Bruce Weaver       
  Interactive Media Producer

 Every step that a man... an artist, takes towards the tower of his
perfection is at the cost of a struggle he maintains with a duende, not
with an angel, as has been said, and not with a muse... Garcia Lorca


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