[-empyre-] MGandhi's perspective on SL performance...

Joseph DeLappe delappe at unr.edu
Tue Apr 1 12:26:45 EST 2008

Enjoying the discussion of Second Life and performance. I've been now
walking since March 12th, 10-12 miles daily on a treadmill converted to
propel my Mgandhi Chakrabarti avatar in SL for a month long performative
reenactment of Gandhi's Salt March.  I wish I could contribute some
intelligent thoughts on the subject of performance in SL but too tired to
think (although I can say this has been an exhilarating experience)!
Perhaps at a later date I can share my thoughts on performance in SL.

For now, I'd like to invite all of you to visit with me over the next five
days for the final 60 miles of walking either in RL or SL.  I am at Eyebeam
in NYC in RL performing during open hours between 12-6pm.  Feel free also to
visit my blog for daily start points of the march.  Or, Saturday, April 5th,
visit Eyebeam Island for the last steps of the march...


Likely be getting to the Eyebeam Island around 5:30pm or so Eastern US time.

I will be making the salt during a brief ritual the following morning to
coincide with the actual date in 1930 when Gandhi did the same.

My blog also has daily updates regarding the work and much written thoughts
on performing in SL and the overall experience over the past three weeks.


I would say that this experience has changed my perception of SL
dramatically.  I find most artists (including media artists) look down their
noses at SL. A very good reason to engage in such practices therein from my
point of view.  Anyway, the mind is a mush right now from the
experience...wish I could say more...falling asleep at the keys...


Joseph DeLappe
Associate Professor, Art
University of Nevada, Reno
Eyebeam 2008 Commissioned Artist
Eyebeam Art and Technology
540 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011
delappe at iraqimemorial.org

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