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Christina McPhee christina at christinamcphee.net
Fri Apr 4 08:08:05 EST 2008

Luigi, wow!!  thanks very much for these refrences to your wonderful  
land art/ecomedia projects.  I 'm putting them in my digital workshop   
course at UC Santa Cruz today  !!  really very  very timely.



On Apr 3, 2008, at 10:44 AM, Luigi Pagliarini wrote:

> Britta and Rebecca,
> thanx a million for introducing such an important work and  
> sustaining the
> eco approach to art.
> I'm very passionate in all of that and - apart from a couple of  
> works of
> mine about art+technology+ecology www.artificialia.com/CG and
> www.artificialia.com/Fatherboard - I've recently decided to start up  
> a small
> website in which to refer to all the works and infos regarding eco  
> art.
> The blog is quite rough at the moment, and it shows news in both  
> italian and
> (mostly) english. On the other hand we're quite keen and constant in
> collecting infos, analyzing and publishing them. In other words, by  
> now, it
> is no more than a database. Whatever... I'm going to publish infos  
> about the
> installation and I'd love to take the chance to ask to all of the  
> empyre
> members to notify us at info at ecotronica.net about news in this  
> specific
> (digital/electronic art and ecology) field.
> My best regards,
> 			Luigi Pagliarini
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Christina McPhee

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