[-empyre-] another look at Corporate dominated media

rtf9 at cornell.edu rtf9 at cornell.edu
Sun Apr 13 06:22:33 EST 2008

>Patty and Tom wrote:
>"The long takes, slow editing, and repetitive looping of ambient media in
>contrast with loud, noisy, panic-producing corporate-dominated media. In
>our current hyperedited media landscape, ambient media functions as a
>visual form of Zen meditation, a pause from the press of daily life."
Ambient media funnels fragmentary glimpses and  justa-positioned 
snipits of media information.  I'm wondering though about your 
characterization of this kind of work in relationship to 
corporate-dominated media...... can you explain a little more!

And I'd love to have Stephanie chime in on this as well....how does 
the game industry fit into this?  or maybe it doesn't?  Renate

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