[-empyre-] 'real' networked art

Anna Munster a.munster at unsw.edu.au
Sat Oct 17 11:24:12 EST 2009

Ok - got it!
Kazys wrote:

<Both High-low/internal vs. Cool/Uncool/transdisciplinarity are reflections of the same transition to network culture.>

however, I would still ant to maintain that relative to the period in which they ere working, '90s net artists were not necessarily elite. I don't think small or niche = elite. The question of access and mass has taken on a renewed medial push in the age of 'hits' and their registering. This links up to Anne's points about the ways in which search engines produce forms of identity. Likewise algorithms.

One thing we might be forgetting about that early net art was its internationalism - alot of it came out of eastern europe and the balkans especialy and was very much connected with early net radio and its relations to Dutch net culture. A number of people, Stallabrass included, have remarked on the net art movement as one of the truly international art movements of the late 20th century. For me, this alone takes that work out of some 'art ghetto' and makes it concerned with a lot more than avant-gardism...


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