[-empyre-] short report from NL

gh hovagimyan ghh at thing.net
Fri Dec 2 00:53:57 EST 2011

Hi All,
Simon's analysis is totally succinct. Even stranger is a retreat  
within new media back to video exhibitions. Seems like they're  
cheaper and easier than interactive works. I believe the new media  
artist has a place in the digital design chain as the artist NOT a  
designer. This is a research issue. Artists look around at the world,  
they feel it deeply and understand human intentions and desires.   
This is what tends to be lacking in the digital design chain.   I say  
keep going, keep producing experimental works and don't worry about  
the traditional art world. It's sort of like worrying about the blue  
chip market in Impressionist paintings, it has not relevance to new  
media art.

On Nov 28, 2011, at 10:04 AM, Simon Biggs wrote:

> I agree the media art scene is something of a ghetto - but it isn't  
> a cattle-market like the mainstream art world. The media art scene  
> does indulge in navel gazing, like any self-defining community.  
> Indeed, navel-gazing is probably a prerequisite to such self- 
> definition. But many media artists can be found seeking to escape  
> that definition at every opportunity. It can be argued that media  
> art is what it is because the artists doing it so dislike being  
> defined by their practices that they are constantly inventing new  
> media forms in order to escape such definition. This is why media  
> art seems unable to successfully define itself. To the art world  
> that appears as a weakness. To those who wish to avoid or subvert  
> the art world, whilst sustaining something like a "practice  
> formerly known as art", this is a strength.

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