[-empyre-] soft _skinned space and lurking vs.participating

Ioannis Zannos zannos at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 00:52:26 EST 2011

Dear Johannes, 

To answer briefly: I believe it would be useful to discuss the critique, especially if it leads us to review what has been written and try to summarise the different thoughts, in order to find common ground, possibly "translate" to a common language, and finally above all to identify the common concerns. 

Iannis Zannos

On 1 Dec 2011, at 10:40, Johannes Birringer wrote:

> dear Yannis and Helene, dear all,  
> i believe the critique, offered very modestly by last month's discussion moderators, concerns us all, and is addressed to the those who make  or partake or belong to such a soft_skinned community or, to use a less optimistic term, 'space', -and perhaps the critique needs to be discussed, unless others feel there is no need to.  I very much agree with Iannis,  that "a lot of translation has to happen behind the stage screen,"  but man of these translations, or the work involved,  might get lost, and so the assumption of sharing perhaps also?
> with regards
> Johannes Birringer

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