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Dear Patrick and all,
Sorry for the glitch in the direct subscription sign up off from the empyre
home page.  Just send requests in an email to empyre soft-skinned space and
we will sign you up manually.  No problem at all.  Patrick I'm really
looking forward to this great line up of guests.  On the news tonight there
appears to be a GLITCH identified by CNN in the SIRRI software of the new
iphone.  Apparently the iphone folks or perhaps indeed Yelp who programs
the software on the phone have not programmed it the phone to properly
respond with correct information when users ask for information about where
to get an abortion or where to get emergency pregnancy information.

CNN reported the story asking whether this was a right wing government plot
by anti-abortion proponents or a GLITCH in the software!
Looking forward to a lot more discussions on the GLITCH.  Renate

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