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hi yawl

a few notes of introduction && clarification from me rly quix as we begin
this process:

i) wrote Broken Records: Hystories Of Noise && Dirty New Media) - jonCates


for the GLI.TC/H Festival's Reader this year. i also performed this txt as
an exxxperimentalLecture @ GLI.TC/H this year:


thats mayhaps most relevant to my participation in GLI.TC/H this year && in
this -empyre- discussion

ii) as Patrick said in his intro my Media Art Histories work is on on Phil
Morton (in specific) && the communities of open collaboration in
Chicago-based Media Art (more generally). i focus on the decade of the
1970's & the impact these times have on the now time. my research,
archiving + writing is openly available here:

iii) Patrick mentions criticalartware, the collaborative group i founded
w/several former students of mine incl'ing Jon Satrom. criticalartware was
an effort which i cared for vry closely over the years (2002 - 2007) &&
which i detail in my writing linked above. the criticalartware group went
through 2 phases. the 2nd/most recent phase was when we (primarily myself,
Jake Elliott, Tamas Kemenczy) became "a critical glitch artware demo crew
from chicago". Jake Elliott + i concepted and organized an event called
Critical Glitch Artware at a conference called NOTACON and within a
demoscene party/competition called BLOCKPARTY in 2010. thats detailed on
the criticalartware site that Patrick linked to in a documentry video that
Nick Briz authored, in a txt that Rosa Menkman wrote for Furtherfield + in
my own accounts: http://gl1tch.us/#xxxvi

old skwl -empyre- participants may remember that criticalartware (in its
1rst phase) were the invited guests on -empyre- bax in May 2004

...but up until Patrick's invitation now, i have not been very involved in
discussions over the last few years. so im happy to be bax wit yawl && to
have this reason to engage wit -empyre- as a Dirty New Media artist
/organizer +/or Noise musician/theorist +/or Media Art Hystories
scholar/archivist +/or glitch.err...

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