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hi John Haltiwanger

you are correct that certain breakdowns && collapses that occur on large
socio-economic scales are planned in advance + set in motion by && for
those who have consolidated wealth + operate from militarized/corporate
positions of power, from bursting bubbles to controlled demolitions. these
are the logics of Shock Doctrines + Disaster Capitalism, as Naomi Klein

but when you write that the Glitch Art that you "have seen is so occluded
and hermetic that its impossible to generate a proper understanding of what
glitch practitioners consider to be glitch" im wondering what projects in
specific you are responding to?could you name a few that you are referring
to that have the qualities you are suggesting of being 'occluded' +/or

also, when you write that a form of 'explaination' of glitch in Glitch Art
would be "getting political" by openning "glitch workflows and practice", i
wonder if you have considered what i wrote/posted earlier about Dirty New
Media artists using Prepared Systems +/or digitalPunk improvisation in
Noise projects? + mayhaps more importantly if you know the work of Nick
Briz, whois a participant in this discussion, whose work:

Copy This Drive - Nick Briz (2011)

+ even more directly, his:

GLITCH CODEC TUTORIAL - Nick Briz (2010 - 2011)

vry literally enacts what you are suggesting would be explicative Glitch
Art that opens + mobilizes politics...?

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