[-empyre-] Search, privacy, data - the abuse of encapsulation

Gabriel Menotti gabriel.menotti at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 01:34:32 EST 2012

And finally, trying to stretch “encapsulation” in different directions:

> Whilst others disagree, I am of the opinion that
> computing is an independent real process: it is
> not the logic of encapsulation which is the issue,
> but its proprietary use and abuse which should
> worry the masses. [ROBERT JACKSON]

I wonder if here we could trace connections between the logic of
encapsulation and the broader one of abstraction, which is inevitable
for dealing with computational complexity (and complexity in general).
Taking this into account, could the issue be not only technical or
political, but also epistemological?

Is there any way of circumventing the forced removal of complexity of
a system if this removal is what makes it understandable (operational,
engageable) as the system in the first place?

Is it practical for the users to take control of abstractions
themselves (e.g. choosing what and how to encapsulate)? Or does it
suffice to build up awareness about them?

> The problem with iPhones is that they
> aren't shitty enough. Again, this is linked to
> the logic of encapsulation, and the ability to
> save us time, as per the Western infrastructure
> of career enforcement and obsession with
> social attention 'sharing'. [RJ]

Considering the culture of gadgets, could we also relate encapsulation
to degrees of technical concretization?

What role does the removal of complexity of the system at hand plays
in its alienation from circuits of
productions-distribution-consumption – all the while inscribing it in
its own history of programmed obsolescence (an older iPhone being
always shittier than a newer one)?


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