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to soft_skinned_s.
Hello fellow -empyrians! It's a honor an a pleasure to be again the
moderator of a discussion on -empyre. I did it in December 2006, it was
about the Crusades and the Middle East. Now, six years later, my interests
and approach are focused on the cities, on urbanism 2.0, a kind of merging
the work of two of my housegods, the writers Henri Pirenne and Johanes
Huizinga mixed to Guy Debord, Walter Benjamin and Oscar Niemeyer.

The description of the topic is the following:

""Urban resilience" , to try to understand the new ways and methods of
activism and resilience performed in the urban environment. We live in a
world where the populations tend  to desert the rural areas and gather in
megacities. The urban tissue is made of gests, rituals, memes going viral
and reproducing itselves.
We are going to gather in this discussion Spanish architects and urbanists
working in Fukushima and mapping the resistance against the nuclear,
Uruguayan writers and philosophers working at museums and universities,
thinking about time and space in a time of change of paradigms.
Where is the axis where urbanists, architects, activists, writers and
philosophers converge and interact? Since Guy Debord wrote about the city
and the situationists saw in the city the canvas of actions and art have we
been fascinated with the movements and actions generated by the city in

In the next mail I am going to introduce my guests.

All the best and I hope this topic is going to rise interesting discussions
and exciting exchanges!

Ana Valdés


mobil/cell +4670-3213370

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with
your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always
long to return.
— Leonardo da Vinci
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