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Hello everybody at empyre,
I'm Ethel Baraona Pohl, architect, researcher and publisher living in
Spain, where the current sociopolitical and economic situation is driving
architects to focus again in concepts like "resilience", as Ana pointed two
days ago when she introduced the topic of March. I want to go further and
use a quote by François Roche <http://www.anycorp.com/log_submissions.php> to
discuss the urban relationship between the terms "resilience" and

*"The stuttering between Resilience (recognition of vitalism as a force of
> life and innovation) and Resistance ("Creating is resisting") will be the
> goal . . . 1+1=?"*

Is resistance a new way of resilience? If we understand the city as the
scenario for resistance, movements like the Arab Spring and Occupying Wall
Street can be understood as the urban capacity to respond to perturbation.
Going deeper, I want to discuss here which are the similarities and
differences between this two concepts.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and comments!
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