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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Mar 5 14:10:57 EST 2012

Apologies for posting here (have a bad history w/ Empyre)- a few thoughts 

Asking if resilence is the new resistance is already buying into corporate 
sloganeerig; I worry about that. Is X the new Y is a kind of Wired mag 
slogan-op and perhaps tends to derail things.

I also wonder about the (metaphoric) mirror-neuron effect: one might 
consider violent government/governing forces themselves as occupiers; 
they're certainly resilient; they might well see themselves as 
revolutionary (don't forget the Revolutionary Guard); they're incredibly 
network; they resist.

Who are the Occupiers? The 'real' Occupiers? The word here seems to be 
losing meaning (if not gaining ground!) by the second -

In the USA which is all I can speak about (and not intelligently), at the 
same time OWS was @ Zucotti, Newt Gingrich called for a reinstallment of 
child labor, racism was and is violently on the increase, and Republican 
rhetoric was and is increasingly violent and deliberately ignorant as 
well. Reams were and are written about OWS, but if we don't have concrete 
resistance, we're going to see Republican sweeps that will finish whatever 
might be liberal or open about the US. In other words, no matter what we 
feel about Obama and the Democrats, we'd better the hell get out the vote; 
things can get much much worse.

I worry phrases like "general assembly" and "world revolution" will end up 
paralleling the kind of Leftist thought swept under at the end of the 
Weimar Republic.

- Alan

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