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hola Ricardo et all

last year we did an of incomplete map of student actions in Europe:


the idea was to visualize the highlighs and most creative students actions
from book block to the temporary squatting of very iconic monuments

we did not have time (it was a 3 days workhop) or the enough network
capacity to make the global map, including the very intense squatting
actions in America all along from California to Chile



El 6 de marzo de 2012 15:24, rrdominguez2 <rrdominguez at ucsd.edu> escribió:

>  Hola all,
> While I can appreciate the exit culture of performing recalcitrance, which
> at least for me recalls Herman Melville's "Bartleby, the Scrivener: A
> Story of Wall-street" with his mantra of "I would prefer not to" - the
> urban capabilities that enable those who are less powerful to reroute
> around the recalcitrance of those in power to change or delete themselves -
> is connected to another "R" word (we seem to be enjoying the impulse of
> alliteration): reclaiming. Performing reclamation of spaces that dislocate
> and add to the entanglements of "recalcitrance", "resilience", "resistance"
> has been an important trajectory for recoding the flows between the country
> side and the urbanscape - specifically for me the gestures of the
> Zapatistas, since 1994, to reclaim land and the city as an intercontinental
> process. In fact they enact the reclaiming the planet as a whole.
> Here at UCSD students, labor, and faculty have been performing the
> reclamation of spaces that the UC system says it can no longer afford -
> libraries and student study areas in the last couple of years. At this
> moment the UCSD Chancellor space has been reclaimed as well. As a study
> area for students. By reclaiming space, and time (study-time), as not being
> an "occupation" shifted the response by the UCSD police and the
> Administration. To what degree then can urban capabilities function as
> sites for reclaiming what has been condemned into less than ruins by the
> violence of financial weapon for the Forth World War (as the Zapatistas
> like to say) by not only staying in the city - but reaching out beyond its
> walls of the smart city to the even smarter site of country where
> "recalcitrance", "resilience", "resistance" has been developing as well and
> perhaps even longer - as networks to reclaim the ruins of system yet to be
> built.
> http://narcosphere.narconews.com/notebook/jessica-davies/2010/02/zapatistas-reclaim-mother-earth
> http://reclaimucsd.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/statement-of-intentions/
> Thousands of students and activists marched on the state Capitol on Monday
> http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-protest-20120306,0,718441.story
> My very best to all,
> Ricardo Domingue
> http://bang.calit2.net
> On 3/5/12 9:07 PM, Ana Valdés wrote:
> There are many of you who named Olav Westphalen and his research at Mejan,
> Kungliga Högskolan i Stockholm, the Royal Academy for Fine Arts, here comes
> the invitation for a seminar about it. A pity I am not in Stockholm now.
> Ana
> Welcome to *Performing Recalcitrance,* a week-long public programme
> taking place at Kungl. Konsthögskolan | Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm
> between March 24 and March 30, 2012.
> *Performing Recalcitrance* comprises performances, lectures and
> workshops. It serves as the public culmination of a thematic cluster of
> courses and academic events around recalcitrance, which are being held
> throughout the academic year at Kungl. Konsthögskolan | Royal Institute of
> Art. But it is also its own symposium, festival and meeting point for
> discussion.
> While "resistance" and "revolt" are commonly employed as positive terms,
> "recalcitrance" has overwhelmingly negative connotations. The current
> definition of the word "recalcitrance" dates back to the 17th century
> (Fr. *récalcitrant*, lit. "kicking back," 17c.-18c.). It defines a
> stubborn, obstinate, at times even passive-aggressive or lazy attitude.
> Nevertheless, it seems to be an appropriate description of the nature of
> certain current social and political confrontations. This programme
> explores the role of obstinate refusal in contemporary art and society,
> including the academic setting. It asks whether, under certain
> circumstances, recalcitrance could be a meaningful attitude and whether the
> performance of recalcitrance can be a useful artistic and social tool.
> *Performing Recalcitrance* highlights a range of artistic practices
> through works produced for the programme as well as in talks and workshops.
> The members of the Berlin-based artist's group *Maiden Monsters* decide
> to withdraw from any protest movement and stay in bed. They invite us to a
> private encounter with art history and the women's rights movements, but
> only after having undergone an initiation ritual. Israeli artist *Omer
> Krieger* of Public Movement stages a collective performance, scrutinizing
> codes of conduct, legislative texts and the aesthetics of protest movements
> in the Swedish context. *Klas Eriksson* sets up a temporary, unauthorized
> McDonald's branch on the museum island Skeppsholmen in Central Stockholm,
> turning the logic of the standardized and optimized production line inside
> out. *Michael Smith* will speak about his role as an American
> recalcitrant within mainstream popular culture, such as sit-coms and
> commercial films over the last three decades. Filmmaker *Eyal Sivan* will
> show a selection of his films and comment on his work, a critique of
> nationalism and the politics of memory. *Khaled Hourani*, artist and
> founder of the art academy in Ramallah, will speak about his project
> "Picasso in Palestine", which brought a "Modernist masterpiece" to
> Palestine for the first time. *Valeria Graziano* discusses the role of
> procrastination in a culture of entrepreneurship, constantly inducing us to
> produce value. *Geert Lovink* will focus on the role of recalcitrance in
> online media and speak about debate and anonymity on the net. *Donatella
> Bernardi's students* will run TV Mejan, a continuous, fully operational
> web TV studio, while *Mårten Spångberg*  and *Olav Westphalen* will
> organize "Non Talk Radio," an intense, 24 hours-a-day, sleepover workshop
> producing live-radio programs, which cannot be talk radio; no journalism,
> no documentary, no filling time with knowledge (real or presumed).  A
> number of further workshops, performances, lectures, a book launch, film
> screenings and a final panel discussion will round off the programme.
> *Performing Recalcitrance* has been conceptualized and programmed by Olav
> Westphalen and Stefanie Hessler. The public programme has been organized by
> Kungl. Konsthögskolan | Royal Institute of Art in collaboration with the
> Goethe-Institut Stockholm, Iaspis, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art
> Foundation, Konst-ig, Kulturhuset, Moderna Museet and DOCH, the University
> of Dance and Circus in Stockholm.
> We look forward to an intensive week and invite you to participate in *Performing
> Recalcitrance*.
> The programme is available here:
> www.kkh.se/index.php/sv/undervisning/performing-recalcitrance/1268<http://interspire.e-flux.com/link.php?M=20548&N=2110&L=4195&F=H>
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