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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Sat Mar 10 07:58:14 EST 2012

Eduardo Navas schreibt: 

One thing that struck me, though, as I read the posts is that perhaps we should consider how the meaning of the terms in discussion may be different in our times from others.  Some posts have recalled the movement of 68 and its relation to the occupy movement. Other posts have discussed and provided links to different manifestations of urban resilience.  But one of the challenges of a critical position, in my view, is to be able to adjust itself to the changes of the system it aims to critique.  In particular, I find the role of technology fascinating in this respect.
Didn’t technology have such a role that without it, it would have been quite difficult to pull off such a decentralized, yet well organized event?  >>

It seems you are suggesting "technology" to be instrumental in an uprising or a resistance movement.  Technologies and techniques , arguably, are always used, by power and by actors who are affected by it, resist, rise up, recede, etc.
Are you saying that "social network media" (presumably used by all sides, power and resisters) determine revolutions?  ("twitter revolutions")?  Which Iranian twitter revolution did you have in mind, and how to you denote revolution?

Johannes Birringer

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