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I am reading again Peter Weiss "The Aesthetics of Resistance", the best
description of Berlin together with Döblins Berlin Alexanderplatz. The city
is described as a hub of energy, as the place where all converge, where
utopian thoughts and political work blends and interact.
Curiously I don't find in Weiss work (not only this one but all of his
writing, his Marat-Sade, his Process, etc) any reference to Benjamin. They
were not in the same age, Benjamin was born 1892, Weiss in 1916. They
belonged to different generations and they were intellectually quite
Weiss saw himself as a people's intelectual, as someone anonymous, as
anonymous as the builders of the altar of Pergamus, which play such a
principal role in his book "The Aesthetics of Resistance". He was a
communist and believed in the workers as the base of the society, the ones
being destroyed by the gods in the altar of Pergamus.
Benjamin chose another path but for both writers the city was this canvas
where all activity could be performed and be herself a performer.


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