[-empyre-] re/claiming and unsettling / continuing artistic practices

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Mar 15 03:08:22 EST 2012

dear Eduardo

thanks for sending me back to your 
"After Iran's Twitter Revolution: Egypt"
posted February 15, // Social media's role in Middle East uprisings brings online communities to life
(Eduardo Navas)

and after reading it my question is still same, i asked about what you meant by "Twitter Revolution" in Iran,
as I cannot remember a revolution having taken place there.  Probably I was worried, as I was when i asked
Aristide to explain his dramatic description of Athens as a war zone (making me think back of the
years when Sarajevo was the focus of such description), what you meant, and whether to speak of revolution, 
either in case of Iran or of countries like Egypt or Tunisia, is exaggeration. In all their complexities,  one can see
them as movements for  reforming the system not changing it? And you seem skeptical of
Twitter as a medium itself?  In Iran the system of power has not changed. We shall have
to see what will have changed in Egypt and Libya.


Johannes Birringer

 Eduardo Navas schreibt

Subject: Re: [-empyre-] re/claiming and unsettling / continuing artistic practices

If you click on the link I provided you will quickly understand my position
which I already alluded to in my brief post. To this effect, Ana actually
responded to I wrote and I don't think additional commentary on my part can
be useful at this stage of the discussion. I will certainly contribute
throughout the month.  In the mean time, the text-link I provided is very
specific about my critical position for those actually interested.  The
questions you ask me would not come up if you had visited it before your

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