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 Dear all: I wish introduce in this conversation a reference to the axis
North-South or since I write from the South, the axis South-North.

The Spanish-Uruguayan painter Joaquin Torres García has a famous work from
the 30:s where the map of America i(both North and South) is reversed,
out the esthetic novelty “moving upward” from the South and the relativy of
the cultural hegemonies. His constructivistic work is both in T-shirts
and  inside
the heads of many of us.
There is a global intellectual agenda which doesn’t need to be the same
agenda as for the Latinamerican intellectuals. It seemed the fall of the
socialist block, which changed so strongly the map of Europe, made the
imperial North to cease of looking greedily to the South. And the liberal
intellectuals from the North ceased of using us as anti-system reflection.
But everything is a new optical illusion, because the empire act in
economical terms and they don’t need to disembark it’s troops in foreign
territory to instrument the expoliation. As we all know.

We can say the Latinamerican ceased being present as problem for the
reflections of the liberal intellectuals of the North. Gerillas,
dictatorships and civil aproar were left behind when the South was
redemocratized and a charta of countries becaming more and more
progressives or at least with governments less authoritary. The kind of
people cosen as Latinamerican presidents changed in an unthinkable way: a
worker, a woman, an indigenous, an ex-priest, an ex-gerillero, another

It seems some peopole only are interested in the perception of others
during a situation of conflagration and crisis. But the actual
characteristics of the empire related to the “no hots” regions of the planet
are precisely work with the lowkey conflicts, generate it and take us out
from the “interesting” borrad.

To be presents as problem implicated including us in the strategies of the
resistente visibility. The globalization and the idea of postmodernity
chose, in certain case, it’s topics, which must be read both as a part of
the imperial thinking and also in the thoughts of the ones resisting it.
For the people from the South the thing we expect from the intellectuals
from the North implicates a strong twist, deconstruct their global agenda
and look again.
 And to have our own agenda from the periphery it’s not only the
comprobation of the reality of the facts but also a conceptual decisión
which strenghten us and etablish our specificity. That ideologic agenda
from the Third World allow the ones of us which don’t want to stay fixed to
the spontaneity of the riots and uproars discern with certain lucidity what
is revolution what is a riot, what is resilience, since we live and act
from the everyday experience of a depending continent.


mobil/cell +4670-3213370

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with
your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always
long to return.
— Leonardo da Vinci
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