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Dear -empyrians, I has been working hard this week making translations of
the wonderful wellwritten and inspirating posts made by my friends Alicia
Migdal and Sabela de Tezanos, two of the most lucid intellectuals I know
and extraordinary writers.
I had already difficulties with Sabelas first texts because I felt my
English was not good enough to make her great text justice.
But I did it anyway to facilitate the reading and the discussion of the
topic for non-Spanish readers.
Sabelas text from today overwhelmed me, I am sad to say that. I spent two
hours with it and only succeeded with a mediocre translation, not worth of
Sabela and not worth of empyre.
My question is: Eduardo, Ricardo, Teddy, Ethel, anyone more able than me
me, can you make an effort and help me to finish the translation?
That's the part I worked with it today:

As Ana says I am very happy an grateful reading all different inputs and
views crossing paths in this exchange, there is always elements refering to
each other and allow to deepen or reformulate the topic.

I stay with the gap between the terms resistance and resilience: resistence
being an answer negating the given conditions, a manifesto of the
opposition. The resilience convocate to the creative superation of a given
situation, the emergency of something unexpected that allows the
strenghtening of the individual, including a qualitative jump upon the

Regarding the tattoo and Johannes questions (and his contributions from
Zikek, thanks for it), I have written these reflections:

The excesive and invasive representation of the body in the everyday life
in our times, the condition of almost medicine sterilization, care, health,
harmony, the ”overclothing” in publicity and in the events of design and
fashion of a ”neutrum” body, generally thin and androgynous, more conceived
as the support of clothing, cosmetic, vulnerable to permanent offers of
health spas and clinics to lose weight, antiaging treatments, sweeteners,
inplants, prothesis…

The body, always something to technics to achieve perfection, is refered to
a mechanic or terrain where the differences (sexual, to be androgyny or to
be voluptuose) are confused.
Individually, as part of this spectacle and passive recipient of all those
messages, you survive being ”outside” your self: the own body is not a
protagonist (how could it be?), the body is the object of all demands,
The fugacity of the appereance, the vanishing of the forces of the
spectacular is continous, place itself naturally in front of a recurrent
voiid which challenge the subjectivity demand new behaviours, survival
strategies and keeping the hope.


mobil/cell +4670-3213370

"When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with
your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always
long to return.
— Leonardo da Vinci
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