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Thank you dear Johannes for your generous words! I feel exactly what you
say, I moved some months ago from the North-North (Stockholm) and I am now
living in the deep South. It's challenge and I agree with you, as an
intelectual belonging to the North and to the South I think my duty and my
pleasure is make bridges.

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> dear Ana
> thanks for what you are doing this month, translating, moderating, and
> encouraging ........
> and the wide-ranging discussion, I believe, due to its international
> dimensions, just needs its own time (no need for you to feel pressured at
> all)
> and we call can make the effort to read spanish or make a translation for
> ourselves and help to move across languages differences ,
> and also listen more to what Alicia calls the referencing angle Sur-Norte.
> regards
> Johannes
> >>
> Dear -empyrians, I has been working hard this week making translations of
> the wonderful wellwritten and inspirating posts made by my friends Alicia
> Migdal and Sabela de Tezanos, two of the most lucid intellectuals I know
> and extraordinary writers.
> I had already difficulties with Sabelas first texts because I felt my
> English was not good enough to make her great text justice.
> But I did it anyway to facilitate the reading and the discussion of the
> topic for non-Spanish readers.
> Sabelas text from today overwhelmed me, I am sad to say that. I spent two
> hours with it and only succeeded with a mediocre translation, not worth of
> Sabela and not worth of empyre.
> My question is: Eduardo, Ricardo, Teddy, Ethel, anyone more able than me
> me, can you make an effort and help me to finish the translation?
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