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hi ana

i can help you with the translation if you like, send me offlist.

thanks to everybody by the way, really enjoying the list



On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 10:36 PM, Ana Valdés <agora158 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear -empyrians, I has been working hard this week making translations of
> the wonderful wellwritten and inspirating posts made by my friends Alicia
> Migdal and Sabela de Tezanos, two of the most lucid intellectuals I know and
> extraordinary writers.
> I had already difficulties with Sabelas first texts because I felt my
> English was not good enough to make her great text justice.
> But I did it anyway to facilitate the reading and the discussion of the
> topic for non-Spanish readers.
> Sabelas text from today overwhelmed me, I am sad to say that. I spent two
> hours with it and only succeeded with a mediocre translation, not worth of
> Sabela and not worth of empyre.
> My question is: Eduardo, Ricardo, Teddy, Ethel, anyone more able than me me,
> can you make an effort and help me to finish the translation?
> That's the part I worked with it today:
> As Ana says I am very happy an grateful reading all different inputs and
> views crossing paths in this exchange, there is always elements refering to
> each other and allow to deepen or reformulate the topic.
> I stay with the gap between the terms resistance and resilience: resistence
> being an answer negating the given conditions, a manifesto of the
> opposition. The resilience convocate to the creative superation of a given
> situation, the emergency of something unexpected that allows the
> strenghtening of the individual, including a qualitative jump upon the
> expected.
> Regarding the tattoo and Johannes questions (and his contributions from
> Zikek, thanks for it), I have written these reflections:
> The excesive and invasive representation of the body in the everyday life in
> our times, the condition of almost medicine sterilization, care, health,
> harmony, the ”overclothing” in publicity and in the events of design and
> fashion of a ”neutrum” body, generally thin and androgynous, more conceived
> as the support of clothing, cosmetic, vulnerable to permanent offers of
> health spas and clinics to lose weight, antiaging treatments, sweeteners,
> inplants, prothesis…
> The body, always something to technics to achieve perfection, is refered to
> a mechanic or terrain where the differences (sexual, to be androgyny or to
> be voluptuose) are confused.
> Individually, as part of this spectacle and passive recipient of all those
> messages, you survive being ”outside” your self: the own body is not a
> protagonist (how could it be?), the body is the object of all demands,
> compelled.
> The fugacity of the appereance, the vanishing of the forces of the
> spectacular is continous, place itself naturally in front of a recurrent
> voiid which challenge the subjectivity demand new behaviours, survival
> strategies and keeping the hope.
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