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Yes because I respect people's difficulties of reading good Spanish (as
much I respect Sabela's and Alicia's difficulties to read and write in
English). I mean we addopt as convention using English as linguafranca, as
the Ancient adopted Latin as common languag who made people born in
Germany, Greece, France, Spain and Italy able to communicate with each
I think the ideal should be the crosstranslation and the crosswriting all
the time, we don't do that because we lack time or/and willingness.
I read for many years ago an issue of the excellent French magazine Le
Genre Humain, called Les Langues Mégalomanes.
It was based on a seminar dedicated to the memory and writings of León
Poliakov, a researcher and writer specialized in antisemitisme and language.
When I write in English I am obliged to use the word Spanish because the
word Castillian is not as used widely. But Spanish is also a political
tool, for people writing and speaking and transfering memes in Gallego,
Basque or Catalan Spanish is merely a construction.
We in South America speak Spanish from Castilla because it was Castilla who
paid for the trips here and it was the Castiljan the dialect who won the
contest and became a "langue megalomane", an imperial language.
And the Crusade against the Albigens or Cathares in France in the 13th
century was not only a religious struggle but also a struggle to etablish
Pari's French, Langue dÒil, as the only French spoken in France as official
Ok let us all write and speak Esperanto, the artificial language which the
Anarchists wanted impone as universal language :)
Or Klingon by the way :)

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> Ana schreibt:
> >>
> Brian, should you be kind now and translate yourself into English? :)
> >>
> Oh, might it be pro-posable that, at a certain point, the "peripheral"
> (hardly though, in the case of español) languages communicate equally well?
>  You are asking Brian to re-translate himself into english?
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