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I think again we are speaking about a notion of State, a notion of society.
Since Modernity we are applying a model based on "universal values". But as
the German sociologist Dietmar Kamper wrote in a heated polemic with Jurgen
Habermas, Modernity gave us concentrations camps and nuclear warfare as
When the US and their Allies invaded Irak or threw Khadafi from power in
Lybia they are applicating what it's called democracy.
But their concept of democracy is a Western concept developed vaguely from
Greece and not used in the West for more than some hundreds of years.
And not so more, until the 1910 women could not vote, until the 50:s in the
US black peopoe could not vote and people in jail can not vote either.
To try to applicate a model still in movement is dangerous because it
assumes we are living in a world with only a model of society and all other
models are rejected as primitive and non viable.
Again I quote Pierre Clastres and his book Society against the State, about
his work with Guarani indians in Paraguay and Brazil. They avoided the
construction of a complex administration or state dividing the groups in
small unities who were able to provide for themselves.
If we want to make the utopias real we must break the power of the state,
deconstruct it and selfgestionate our everyday's life.

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> Or is it act from the minimum to the maximum?
>  That's the old advice: "act local and think global".
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