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Hello everyone,

first of all, thank you for the insightful discussion

> Aristide: Architectural praxis turns towards new definitions of what a
> public function would be; different public functions are to be inaugurated
> in relation to specific contexts. This would not mean that we leave to
> architects and urban planners the responsibility of the political process.
> This could be impossible. The connection of architecture to politics is
> defined in the inverse way: architecture may be deeply transformed because
> of politics and the current condition of a quickly changing society;
> architecture's task will have to be redefined as an open field of
> reinventing the common. This may not be performed as another exercise of
> form: mostly it would be done through inventions of new city protocols that
> propose different types of cohabitations.
this might find your interest:


we presented Maps of Babel in Buruxelles at the Human Cities conference,
bringing up scenarios through which the digital forms of expression of
people in cities using social network can be harvested and used to create
new practices for urban planning, community design, city governance,
tending to p2p models in which citizens and administrations take active
part in the same process.  And, in the meantime, raising ethical issues on
the transformation of public space and privacy.


Salvatore Iaconesi

prof. of Interaction Design and of Digital Design at

La Sapienza University of Rome
ISIA Design Florence
Rome University of Fine Arts
Istituto Europeo di Design

[Art is Open Source]

[FakePress Publishing]
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