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Wed Mar 21 18:44:49 EST 2012

Hi All,

I have been silently engaged in this fascinating discussion, but i have to
interject on a couple of points made by simon.
to begin with political is not of itself it is borne out of conflict not in
a dialectical state but through demos, therefore what occupy
constitutes is a counter story to the platonist construct that work waits
for no-one,(here in london occupy was only halted through an injunction)
therefore imposed tempor-rality
    it is a counter story to the platonist sense that
the rulers act as if there bodies were filled with gold and the ruled
sensed that there bodies were filled with iron, we never know what content
IS, therefore a distribution of sense is an illusion  is perhaps our only
hope, we know that we are not the 99 percent, there is no homogeneous whole
in the same way that there is no such thing as philosophy sadly.  perhaps
there is something in the idea of negative dialectical approach assumed on
the lack of content, the argument against Adorno was that he assumed he
knew what content was.long live the occupy movement.

respectfully.  Nick.
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