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Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Thu Mar 22 09:33:48 EST 2012

dear all

thanks for the other responses, from Simon, Sabela, Ana, Alicia, Teddy, Aristide and others, 

and I am trying to think whether our languages (other languages we write, not our own) also 
reflect problems and dilemmas rarely addressed [here] or reflected upon, and yet the translations flow easily here.
And as Ana, in her romantic role, dances to the tango rhythms which of course also tell stories about changes
and urbanizations and class relations in Argentina and the later global reach of that particular dance/music, so I am thankful for 
the many political insights, now also Nick's comment on "counter stories.".....

 I wanted to write about phantasmagoria (after Benjamin and after the end of the cold
war and after Fukishima), and our fears, rather than longings, but an Argentinian friend of mine, whom I showed Alicia's post

Alicia schreibt:
 Y tener nuestra propia agenda desde la periferia no es solo la comprobación de la realidad de los hechos sino una decisión conceptual que nos fortalece y  establece nuestros rasgos distintivos. Esa agenda del pensamiento desde el Tercer Mundo nos permite discenir, con relativa lucidez para quienes hacemos el esfuerzo de no quedarnos fijados a la espontaneidad de las revueltas, qué es revolución, qué es revuelta, qué es resiliencia, ya que vivimos y actuamos desde la experiencia cotidiana en un continente dependiente.
And to have our own agenda from the periphery it’s not only the comprobation of the reality of the facts but also a conceptual decisión which strenghten us and etablish our specificity. That ideologic agenda from the Third World allow the ones of us which don’t want to stay fixed to the spontaneity of the riots and uproars discern with certain lucidity what is revolution what is a riot, what is resilience, since we live and act from the everyday experience of a depending continent>

said she was puzzled, and suggested that the word "resilience" does not in fact exist in spanish but most likely is imported/transliterated from english into spanish.  I find this interesting, but do not know what others think?
¿ Alicia, esta palabra, "resiliencia," no existe en español?



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