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Fri Mar 23 19:22:42 EST 2012

Hi Simon and All,

Firstly apologies for not making myself clearer my groundless standpoint is
always less is more or even better nothing is better than everything,
however that does not always work that well when in a rush, as i still am,
but will hope to be more transparent.

I have assumed that the occupy movement was really questioning time, of
course the appearance is that its method and accusations are that it is
questioning content whether that be place money or bodies, but these are
always temporal.  for plato and Aristotle for that matter the perfect demos
would be a peasant one, based on a lack of time to engage in the political,
the occupy movement makes visible a political activity that shifts the body
from the place assigned to it or changes a places destination and that
always comes back to the architect of the city plato, and to the statement
work waits for no-man.

and yes i did think you were stating a negative dialectic, and yes the
political is the wrong (abyss negative simulacrum)
you note that the simulacrum as a feeling, i would slightly differ in that
the counter story is a fiction that appears as a surface over the
simulacrum.  as Foucault wonderfully states our best tool is always a knife.

Respectfully.  Nick
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