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> Hi Simon and All,
> Firstly apologies for not making myself clearer my groundless standpoint
> is always less is more or even better nothing is better than everything,
> however that does not always work that well when in a rush, as i still am,
> but will hope to be more transparent.
> I have assumed that the occupy movement was really questioning time, of
> course the appearance is that its method and accusations are that it is
> questioning content whether that be place money or bodies, but these are
> always temporal.  for plato and Aristotle for that matter the perfect demos
> would be a peasant one, based on a lack of time to engage in the political,
> the occupy movement makes visible a political activity that shifts the body
> from the place assigned to it or changes a places destination and that
> always comes back to the architect of the city plato, and to the statement
> work waits for no-man.
> and yes i did think you were stating a negative dialectic, and yes the
> political is the wrong (abyss negative simulacrum)
> you note that the simulacrum as a feeling, i would slightly differ in that
> the counter story is a fiction that appears as a surface over the
> simulacrum.  as Foucault wonderfully states our best tool is always a knife.
> Respectfully.  Nick.    PPS sadly philosophy has not existed since the
> philosophy of Kant, that is the philosophy of I,  and the lack of a
> homogeneous whole is reflected in the fiction of the 99%, and concretely on
> the demos the is manifest on the UN-counted of the counted.

Respectfully.  Nick.


nick watts
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