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"New community functions will be necessary in order to prescribe a protocol
or to install it temporarily. The Internet can provide the grouping system
in order that concrete communities of inhabitants decide to introduce and
test a protocol. The municipalities may act as the legalizing power that
could accept or refuse such protocols to run in the city. Protocols can be
proposed through the net and be accepted from different interested
communities; urban protocols organize independent autonomous communal
structures; they can also regulate the relationship between the private
sector and specific communities."
Johannes quoted Aristides today in an earlier post and I wondered why we
suppose in a situation of crisis the Internet is going to work and our
network of serveces and computers are going to run ad perpetum.
In a situation of war the first thing to be destroyed are the masts of
mobile communication, the cables, the electronic hubs.
And we are, again, speaking about cities in the developed part of the world
with skilled communities running sophisticated protocols, with
municipalities based on cooperation and transparency.
What happen with the Indigenous communities organized by Zapatistas? The
"caracoles", their hubs of liberated territory, are good working example of
new protocols based on old memes and ancient uses. And in Africa maybe the
communities want protocols which can be used when the electricity is faulty.
I think every democratic change must be low key and not depend of advanced


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