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> dear Ana
> i can assure you I know nothing about exhumations
> and would not want to be an expert or lover in forensics.
> respectfully
> Johannes
> I am not sure if I grasp the sense of your statement. Are you being
> ironical or teasing me/us?
Because my point was NOBODY today can be ignorant of the exhumations, they
are nowadays as common as jail for dissents or genocide.
We live in the century of genocide, the Turks killing Armenians, the Nazi
killingJews, Rwanda, the Japanese killing Koreans, the Serbs killing
And we have political genocide, our own in Central and South America, in
Africa, etc..
And genocides cause massgraves and exhumations...
Yes you can be someone without direct contact or information, but our
"memes" pass the stories as part of our common heritage.


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