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> With games, one of the things I've spent some time thinking about over the last few years is the ways games are used by artists. I've noted a few threads, among them the use of games more as cultural signifier and toolset than as a "medium." By this I mean, when many artists engage with games, they aren't interested in the same things as a game designer might be. The intentions and aesthetics are located in different places. The formalism of many game designers is alien to many artists, and the conceptual and political nature of many artists is alien to game designers. I've become increasingly interested in play over game. This is largely a response to the formalism of the game industry and the indie game scene alike. I find it to be problematic in that it leads to games being thought of more as product than experience. I would prefer to focus on designing experience, not tight rules systems.

> Hi All and John,

That's why I find very interesting to share views between game designers 
and artists as they are often thinking from different perspectives which 
isn't a problem in itself but might create rich and diverse projects.

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