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Hi all -empyre! I am going to participate as a guest in the third week,
kindly invited by Johannes and Alan. As an old participant of the list many
of you know me and my past as political prisoner in Uruguay, in the 70,
under our dictatorship. I wrote a book in Swedish, now translated into
Spanish and published in a Spanish edition, about our jail, the torture,
the deaths, the people who dissapeared...More than 30000 in Argentina, 300
in Uruguay. The missing are also part of a narrative. The public beheadings
are a kind of choreography, the knive, the head tilting, the body falling.
I has been in Paris several times and in the museum of Carnevalet the last
guiljotine is exhibited. The public executions were part of the scene in
Paris and in the US people travelled around in the deep South seeing black
people being lynched.
There is a very powerful exhibition and book called "Without Sanctuary"
http://withoutsanctuary.org/main.html, where James Allen collected hundreds
of goulish postcards showing the spectacle, the lynched person and the
crowd gathering around eating and drinking and having a merry time. The
postcards were photographies taken by local photographers and the postcards
were sent as memory and memento.
Which is the difference between these public executions where ppl gather
and enjoyed the choreographed death and the deaths mediated by You Tube?
Not great difference, I am afraid.
In the French Revolution old grandmothers went to the place where the
guiljotine stood and saw the aristocrats be beheaded, they were there fro
hours, knitting, "les tricoteuses", they were called. Making the most banal
thing in the same moment thousands of people were killed, it was the time
the historians call "Le Terreur".
Ana Valdés, writer

On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 3:37 AM, Jon McKenzie <jvmckenzie at wisc.edu> wrote:

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> Among the tragic-prop scenes I hope to entertain in the daze ahead—
> the society of the spectacle of the scaffold
> hypergraphé across jagged scales
> homo sacre data bodies
> global feeling
> pictografs
> Jon
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> On Nov 3, 2014, at 9:01 AM, James Barrett <jim.barrett at umu.se> wrote:
> So how does one fight this vast image of terror? That is a question I
> would like to see dealt with, among others, in the month ahead on empyre.
> How does one comprehend such pitiless acts of barbarism as public
> decapitation when they are combined with the amatuer YouTube asethetic and
> a resounding chorus of theocratic manipulation as audio and editing and are
> available online 24/7 from pole to pole?
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