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Hi empyre, I am trying to fit in again.
Yes, Ana, we share the horror in all shifting stages - but why is it
shifting all the time?
It leaves you completely out, uninformed, just one glimpse and no

Helpless, useless "spectators" of what the media choose to show.

I think about violence meant to be public, as a sign, and secret
victimization, torture that is not supposed to be known.

The first is the horror-inflicting staging of a beheading, probably copying
the punishment by the – sometimes official – reigning power in a politicial
region. And I hold even more firmly that this is a most banal idea of
working out an impression. Demonstration of the reigning force,
intimidating, perhaps also an attempt of seducing and attracting weak
people to join the safe side. Probably it does not result in the expected
way - that the public freezes in awe - but in rousing all the attention the
murderers reach their aim. This is my interpretation of "kitsch": working
in the most trite way on basic emotions. (And what is the difference to art
aiming at evoking emotions? The difference might lie in the kind of
emotions: Expected ones by a public execution are false, art means to
generate genuine feeling. At least it is to be hoped that there is a

What the media tell about these Mexican students is a new kind of shock.
Killing them and hiding the fact was atrocious deeds from the legal power.
And now a layer more. What is the point of "handing" the victims over to
the drug mafia? And where is their point of killing them? I mean, you
expect that there is somebody profiting from extralegal actions. And this
is definitely not a massacre exposed to the public. It is sinister and
meant to be hidden.

There is this other unbelievable horror of the girls in Nigeria captured by
the Boko Haram. If it was meant to intimidate the people, the continuing
slavery and abuse is probably not. They are in the hands of their
torturers, and that horror is up to imagination. And there is for some of
us in both cases the threat that the ruling power in these states are
secretly helping. Because if we consider the secret services and military
investigative technology we cannot believe that there is no means to save
the captives from being tortured or murdered. Is there a stately
legitimated power profiting from the horror and threat by non-stately

This for the moment, best regards

Pia Holenstein



2014-11-09 5:01 GMT+01:00 Ana Valdés <agora158 at gmail.com>:

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> The murder of 43 young boys has awakened Mexico and ppl are chanting
> and protesting in the whole country, they demand president Pena's
> resignation.
> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/yo5oymexico
> Today we are all Mexicans, yesterday we were all Gaza, we are Kobane
> as well and we are Yazidi trapped in the Sinjar mountain, we are of
> course girls married by force by Boko Haram and we are women sold as
> slaves by ISIS.
> http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nickops
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