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First of all, I propose to look at each case of war conflict and
violence separately. There is no common experience of war. Also some
combatants experienced both being a perpetrator and later a victim in the
hands of enemy. I came across the issue of beheading when I investigated
representations of Chechen war. There were videos uploaded by Chechen
fighters of beheading young Russian conscripts  with knives that were
circulating on the net. It caused an ethical outrage of the internet
community, especially when Belorussian  female blogger posted video on her
website under the title: Chechen kill Russian soldies as pigs. She
obviously supported Chechen fight for independence as the rest of
democratic world ( but at what price?). To mock the morbid curiosity of
internet users the false links were created that linked to porn sites
instead of videos. It was also mentioned  that there was a black market of
the snuff films brought from Chechnya.

I am also interested in the analytical approach in understanding what
precedes the actual war, any war operation has a very pragmatic frame:
careful planning, calculations, tactics  . for this reason I consulted
military sources. We usually deal with the dramatic outcome when people are
in the deadlock of fighting. I think it is important to analyse cultural,
power struggles which lead to wars. Particular the wars by proxy- a
long-standing tradition of Cold War doctrine. I am digging  into RAND (
National Defense Research Institute ) report those days, titled Paths to
Victory.Lessons from Modern Insurgencies. The study analyses all
insurgencies completed worldwide between 1944 and 2010. It is
Olga Danylyuk
Director, designer
PhD candidate, Central School of Speech and Drama
London, UK
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