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> Dear Ana

> thank you for your answer, your personal experiences, and the videolinks.

> >Next year we come to Palestine at well and we share beds and rooms with
> Rachel Corrie one week before she was killed.
> There was a Rachel-Corrie-trial in June, and I was at other court cases.
> Everything is so unbelievably unjust.

>  > And I am a bit apalled you never saw any terror or killings (for me
> the checkpoints ARE terror).
> And yes, you are right of course, that checkpoints and all are terror and
> deadly oppression. But I did not witness death and bombing directly, the
> Gaza war just broke out when I left. And we went to see people after their
> homes had been raided, the men beaten up, the women threatened. So all I
> can say is that we experienced the worst of the everyday politics of
> deterring people from staying in their homeland.

>  > maybe it's the key to all our discussions here, the human being
> unbelievable capacity of resistance, we resist terror, blind killings,
> mayhem, massacres, genocides, but we resist
> The Palestinians have the word of „sumud“ for their special persistence
> and resistance. This is a feature I cannot understand from my safe
> background. All I felt was rage about how one people is treated by another.

> I tried to see also the small things, needle-stiches to the personal
> self-respect and feeling of integrity. Like forcing the women to squeeze
> into the line of men at the checkpoints. Threatening the girls with
> publishing their photos – which of cours the soldiers have access to – in
> embarassing situations, to ruin their and their families‘ reputation. Make
> men take off their shoes and belts and make them run, or force them to pull
> down their trousers to check. Exposing the people in embarassing situations.
I am looking forward to hear more from all of you.


Pia Holenstein Weidmann, Dr. phil.
Bergrain 11

CH- 8910 Affoltern am Albis

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