[-empyre-] From a distance

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Sat Nov 15 00:10:33 EST 2014

dear all
it's good to see this viviv conversation evolve, and thanks to all guests and participants so far this week;  in a way, I had imagined a small shift towards performance, when we invited Yoko and Mine, but also the film and design experiences and practices of some of our guests (Pier, Jon, Reinhold), continuing from week 1, interested us, and we also anticipated the interventions from Andreas and his work on spatial justice.....   I want to reflect more on what Mine suggested about empathy and action, and what this means in regard to proximity/distance, as Yoko elaborated.  

Apologies for being in rehearsal for two days; we arrived in Dresden and are working on the ghost & holostage, and i am in a very dark room today, observing movement on my left, which disappears on my right, as particles that dematerialize a whole being.  I could send photos from rehearsal this minute, but (Jon!) the graphe is not liked by the listserver, and when i send image, the text disappears. 

Johannes Birringer 

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