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William Bain willronb at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 16 20:37:39 EST 2014

Something I wanted to contribute on Alan'spost, regarding performing. Is it worth it, is itegoistic? Quoting in part: "we find ourselves on the verge of a 
planet so violated that the environment ... might well collapse
... within the century, and we perform? .... we were brilliant for that
moment, then the horrors take over again. (Personally I don't think ego plays a role in this, and personally as well, Buddhismhas failed me, or vice versa.) .... this is the raw world, perhapsat its worst." Ok, so first of all, thanks to all for the sharp input--truly welcome to one who also feels a need to do something,to perform away (from) the raw worst..... My comment is onwhether or not ego plays a role. I think it must. I take fromdifferent psychologies the view that there is a subject(hood)which produces multiple egos. One doesn't (always? usually?)speak to one's parents as one speaks to one's schoolmates,etc. Hence the performing ego does, I think, in some way tryto ameliorate for that audience of schoolmates, moms, armsmanufacturers............ So fwiw. Thanks again for the discussion, wb
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